Our TOF / NMT / PNS Nerve Stimulator

Nerve Stimulator for Regional Nerve Blocks

SphinctoPRESS - SphintoMeter - Anal Tonometer

The ONLY indigenous, Sphinctomter / Anal Tonometer, this device is ideal for the measurement of the Anal tone and strength of the Voluntary Contractions of the Sphincter.
A must for every, Proctologist’s office, it is safe, simple, patient-friendly, easy to use, with values, waveforms, & reporting on your smartphone. The Indicated parameters, Sphincter Resting pressure, squeeze pressure, along with, Squeeze endurance, are Ideal, for, treatment of Fecal Incontinence (Biofeedback), and, Pre & Post Fissure & Fistula procedures.

SphinctoPRESS - SphintoMeter - Anal Tonometer

Stop Piles DIGIHAL

Stop Piles D I G I H A L

ProctoCAM - Proctology Diagnostic Camera

The ONLY Wi-Fi Proctology Camera, with reporting, for observation
and diagnosis of Anorectal Disorders.
Portable, easy to use, with image capturing and reporting, can be used, with any Smartphone, tablet, OR PC.
The ProctoCAM has an HD camera – 1080P, adjustable Focus, auto white balance, backlight compensation, AGC, and an observation range of 3 cm to 15 cm.

ProctoCAM - Proctology Diagnostic Camera

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