About Us

Based out of Vadodara and Mumbai, Medtech Devices is a knowledge based company, specialising in offering Medical Devices and Solutions in fields of Anaesthesia and Anorectal Manometry.

Specifically, in, Neuro Muscular ( TOF ) monitoring, Nerve Mapping & Location techniques, Neuro Modulation,
and accelerometry

We, at Medtech are continuously seeking to identify and explore newer opportunities, as they emerge


To offer global solutions to improve, the quality of life, and seek a healthier tomorrow for all mankind.

Our Mission

Medtech’s mission is to improve the quality of Patient care by introducing Innovative devices and treatment methods for medical applications

Medtech is assisted by a group of experienced Medical professionals to ensure that, all Medtech product lines meet the highest expectations of our user’s with high customer satisfaction

Patient Safety, Patient Recovery and Patient well being, is our Primary Concern !

Company Information

Founded :
Both, managing partners,
Ashish Bhavsar
Haresh Masand

work very closely with the Anaesthesia and Surgical community, with close to 2 decades of experience.

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